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We are a team of professionals dedicated to achieving goals and are keen to help you, hand in hand, in building part of your success. Event professionals, wedding planners, marketing and media experts. We have the solutions for your needs. No matter where you stand.

We won’t make you lose your time with hundreds of explanations about how good we are or how we started. We don’t like loosing our time, so we won’t make you waste yours. We know our business, we will tell you the truth. To your face.

We will seek all possible solutions until you get the right fit for you or your company. We are efficient and creative and are keen on making you satisfied with results.

That is who we are.

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Melanie Ramone

Master Wedding Planner


Daniela Llaguno

Senior Planner


Maricarmen Arias

Professional Wedding Planner


Priscilla Villalobos

community manager


Don Jimmy

Creative Director · Design Specialist


Francois Jurres

CCO · Senior Partner